Welcome to Natraj Aata Maker

Natraj is a leading name in the domestic Aata maker with wheat germ technology for wheat flour, gram flour, Masalas and many other flours produced from various edible lentils and seeds for various food and eatables for everyday use.

Natraj Group is India’s leader in the Manufacture of Domestic Flour Mill. This position has been earned by widespread recognition of the quality of Natraj Group in India, their diversity, and their ability to meet the needs of the Market. The creative talent of Mr. Devang Pathak, M.D and, of greatest importance in gaining the confidence of their channel partners, his record of honesty and integrity in business. At present, the Natraj group’s product lines have grown in diversity to include consumer durable, Electronics and water solutions business.

It is a small flour-grinding machine, invented by the Natraj Group. At the moment, Mr. Devang Pathak (M.D), is throwing his ideas in to the development and dedication to provide a more and more customer satisfaction in the upcoming years as Natraj has brought a strong customer base for it today.

[ Natraj Product Manufactured by Scorpio Enterprises , Ahmedabad , Gujrat ( India )